Before aggravating kitchen drain clogs forced you to throw your plunger out the back door and resort to paying for an overpriced plumber who only specializes in tearing apart your kitchen--stop! There is a much more effective method to keeping your drain clean and getting rid of those nasty clogs without sending your blood pressure to the roof--or your monthly budget soaring.

3 Main Types of Kitchen Clogs

Grease, Fats and Oils

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Slow to accumulate but insidiously stubborn, grease, fats and oils cling to the inside of your kitchen sink drain just as tenaciously as they cling to the inside of our heart's arteries. Just because hot greases and oils are easily pourable doesn't mean they remain that way once they encounter the cool metal pipes under your sink. Over time, even the smallest amounts of greases and oils will thicken, harden and narrow the interior of your kitchen drain pipes. Result--a clogged drain that resists plunging, over-the-counter drain cleaners and being called bad names.

Human and Pet Hair

Animal and human hair contains keratin, a protein that naturally hardens within the restricted, moist conditions of kitchen drain pipes. When hairs stick to the interior of pipes, they naturally entangle more hairs trying to flow past them, eventually creating a monstrous, stubborn thing called a hair clog. Since hair clogs typically occur wherever pipes deviate to accommodate the architecture under the sink, trying to remove them with a plunger or dangerous chemicals is usually unproductive--and, of course, extremely exasperating.

The Godzilla of Kitchen Clogs--Hair, Grease and Food

Well-meaning friends may proclaim "I know how to open a hair clog!" or "I know how to open a grease clog!" but what about when the clog is composed of a combination of hair, grease and food? Ask them to clear that gunk away for you after you've been plunging for hours and they'll no doubt suddenly have something else more important to do. Be aware that using a plunger on this type of kitchen clog will only solidify the beast because there is so much debris involved. In addition, OTC products not only pose a distinct danger to your health but do not contain ingredients necessary to dissolve such a serious clog.

Keep Drains Running Without Harming Your Pipes or Your Health

Powerful and safe to use drain cleaners contain potassium hydroxide, a solution that efficiently decomposes organic materials such as grease, hair and food. A useful and dependable substance, potassium hydroxide is needed to make alkaline batteries, detergents, carpet cleaning agents and many other commercial and industrial goods. Additionally, a drain cleaner utilizing potassium hydroxide is an environmentally friendly drain cleaner that also freshens drains and prevents your septic from backing up..

Stop wasting your time and energy listening to useless solutions to drain clogs and start exterminating those troublesome clog monsters with safe, effective DrainOut.